Lollapuzzoola 8 Opens Registration

Scalping tickets for the main stage.
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Organizers for Lollapuzzoola opened registration for the Crossword tournament, set to be held Aug. 8, where puzzlers will go head-to-head as they vie to be the best at solving the across and down.

Two options are available for those wishing to participate in live event, a solo and pairs division, admission for each is $30 and $60, respectively. Tickets are available to purchase directly through the Lollapuzzoola website.

Patrick Blindauer and Brian Cimmet

Left to right: Patrick Blindauer and Brian Cimmet. Image: Lollapuzzoola.

Hosted by Patrick Blindauer and Brian Cimmet, the lighthearted competition will be held at its traditional location, All Souls Church located in central Manhattan, New York. The puzzle event is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. ET and last until 5 p.m., with an after-tournament pizza party, costing an additional $5.

An At Home Division will once again be offered to those not attending Lollapuzzoola 8 in person, for $10 per entry. This gives players the opportunity to solve from their armchairs as tournament representatives will email puzzles out to players and solutions are to be sent back in the same manner.

Lollapuzzoola is still in early stages of planning, no puzzle designers have been announced though it’s safe to expect that there will be six puzzles featured in the competition, including the final three-solver showdown.

Puzzles from the live version of the tournament will be the same used in the At Home Division.

Joe Delfin took first place in last year’s tournament in the Express Division, the division that represents some of the best Crossword puzzlers that the community has to offer. Delfin is the current record holder for the most wins for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, having earned a total of seven since 1989.

Source: Facebook, Lollapuzzoola


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