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Bran is the founder and senior editor for the puzzle news site Puzzle Pile. From 2007 - 2010, he served as editor for the magazine Panopticon: Puzzles & Games. He is the inventor of the Itachi and Hairetsu puzzle forms and has created hundreds of puzzles. Disclosure: Bran is a member of the National Puzzlers' League.


Bran McMillin

Infinifactory Releases From Early Access, Coming Soon To PS4

Infinifactory has come out of Steam's Early Access program and news coming from the developer's founder that the title is headed to PlayStation 4, this year.

Calendar Lineup – August 2015

The upcoming July puzzle events, hunts, tournaments, and featured new releases for the puzzle community.

Love You to Bits iOS Release Pushed Back, Shows Off Screenshots

Alike Studios and Pati.io announced that the release of their latest creation Love You To Bits will be pushed back to later in the fall, but are showing off some screenshots to tide puzzlers over.

Development Continues On The Room 3, New Images Released

As summer rolls on, so does development for The Room 3, and developer Fireproof Games has released more in-game images to whet players' appetites until the game's debut.

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna, Coming To Steam July 23

The development team behind The Talos Principle has announced that its Road To Gehenna expansion will be released to Steam on July 23.

Calendar Lineup – July 2015

The upcoming July puzzle events, hunts, tournaments, and featured new releases for the puzzle community.

Threes! Adds Free Version For Android And iOS

A free version of Threes! has been released by Hidden Variable Studios to Android and iOS, and its designer has taken a unique approach in bringing the puzzle game to app stores.

Dr. Mario Coming To 3DS June 11 With A Miracle Cure

Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing puzzlers another prescription in Dr. Mario series with its upcoming Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure.

Grim Fandango Remastered Travels To Mobile Scene

Grim Fandango Remastered, the classic point-and-click adventure game, has made its way to the Android and iOS platforms.

Broken Age: Act 2 Launches Across Platforms, Full Version Releases

It’s been a long time in the making, but video game developer Double Fine has released the second act of the point-and-click puzzler Broken Age, and has rolled it out across all platforms.

Adding To The Pile – Event Calendar Launch

Puzzle Pile launches its puzzle event calendar.

Samorost 3, Coming Later This Year

Almost 15 months after the first trailer reveal, Czech developer Amanita Design has released another for Samorost 3, with the announcement that the point-and-click puzzle adventure will be coming out later this year.

Puzzle Grand Prix 2015 – Round 4, Results

Results are in for the fourth round of the Puzzle Grand Prix, with Japanese competitors taking the half of the top 10 positions.

Escape From The Werewolf Village Coming To San Jose

Werewolves have slipped into San Jose, Calif. with plans to consume the city’s puzzlers May 21 - 24, when SCRAP Entertainment releases the Escape From The Werewolf Village at the San Jose Woman’s Club.

Puzzle Grand Prix 2015 – Round 4, Begins

The fourth round of the World Puzzle Federation’s (WPF) kicked off Friday, in what is shaping up to be an exciting race for the top of the heap for this year’s Puzzle Grand Prix.

Dr. Sudoku Places Grandmaster Puzzles On Hiatus

Thomas Snyder announced Sunday that he would be placing Grandmaster Puzzles on an “indefinite break”.

DASH 7 Adds Albuquerque, Record Setting Amount Of Cities

International lead organizers for DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt), announced a last-minute city addition, making DASH 7 the largest puzzle hunt in the event’s history.

Apple Approves First Game For Apple Watch, Puzzler Rules!

March 27, the 3.0 version for Rules! was approved by Apple, making it the first game to receive the green light for organization's new Apple Watch.