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Things have been a little quiet on the surface of Puzzle Pile for the last week, the release of articles has been on pause, but behind the scenes there’s been a buzz of activity.

One of the most requested items that we have come into the ol’ inbox from readers is for an easy way to find what’s coming up in the puzzle community. Everyone is saying that the articles announcing puzzle events are great, but for those that might miss them, it’s a bit of a pain to dig through previous articles to find things.

The solution that folks suggested was to have an event calendar. A calendar could help everyone go through all of the events really fast, they could easily dig into the details of events that piqued their interest, and gain quick access to organizers via provided links.

This last week I bit the bullet and took the time explore solutions. After trying out many directions and options, we came up with an answer that we’re all pretty happy with. The Puzzle Pile calendar allows us to provide both a snippet of information to let puzzlers figure out if something interests them, and at the same time a nice amount of information to let those that want to know more everything that they need to know.

So far the calendar is slim pickings, we have two items, but throughout the rest of the month more items will be plugged in. There’s a slew of events that we know of that have yet to be added in.

If you know any puzzle event, tournament, etc. that is coming up, send it through our Contact page and we’ll get it added in as quickly as possible. Just make sure to pass along the details, like the event’s website so we can make sure we’re passing along all the correct information.

As far as the news articles are concerned, don’t worry they’ll be up and rocking again beginning tomorrow.


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