Infinifactory Releases From Early Access, Coming Soon To PS4

After three Infiniupdates, sandbox puzzler is ready for the factory floor.
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Infinifactory has made it through final assembly, emerging from Steam’s Early Access program after three big Infiniupdates, and will soon be heading to PlayStation 4.

Launched through Steam’s Early Access back in January, Infinifactory has been slowly receiving upgrades, beginning as tiny tweaks and then evolving into the much larger Infiniupdates from its developer Zachtronics, while the game was in Early Access. Throughout the process the publisher has taken community feedback and ideas, and integrated them into the game, including adding new mechanics, blocks, and story modules.

Zachtronics has decided that Infinifactory is ready for its primetime performance and has let it loose on the world.


Zachtronics founder Zach Barth revealed that the game will becoming to the PlayStation 4 “soon”, but didn’t share any details on what that could mean, whether it’ll be weeks, months, or by the end of the year.

Infinifactory is built using a development software called Unity, and one of its features is that it allows designers to make their game once and then export their game as different versions for a variety of platforms, like Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows. There may need to be a bit of tweaking between the platforms, but generally it cuts the time to build an actual game down for lots of platforms quite a bit. So we’re probably looking at is a handful of weeks until Infinifactory drops for PS4 as Zachtronics developers go in and care of all the fine tuning for each platform.

What it could also mean is that we might see Infinifactory creep its way onto some of those other platforms like Android and iOS since designers wouldn’t have to build the game from scratch each time, though developers haven’t made any indication that the title will be coming to other devices.

Infinifactory currently retails for $24.99 through Steam and GOG, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Source: PlayStation.Blog, Unity


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