Calendar Lineup – August 2015

Upcoming puzzle events, hunts, tournaments, and featured new releases for July.
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The puzzle world is filled with events, hunts, tournaments, and all sorts of great things to keep solvers busy all year long. Puzzle Pile helps to keep the puzzle community up to date by running the Calendar Lineup on the first of each month, showing off what’s coming up during that time. Check out what’s going on, there’s a wide range of puzzle activities running all over the world and online, many of which are free to join in on.

We also have our calendar that tracks what’s going on throughout the entire year. If we’re missing something or would like to see an event added in, just let us know.

Aug. 8

Midnight Madness 2015 teaser image, text logo and date.

Midnight Madness – 2015

Midnight Madness is an all-night puzzle hunt run on the streets of New York City, with funds raised going to the New York City children’s charity Good Shepherd Services.

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Aug. 8 – 9

1,000 Treasure Hunter - 2015 promotional poster.1,000 Treasure Hunters – 2015

SCRAP Entertainment has brought back its annual event 1,000 Treasure Hunters, a much more relaxed puzzle hunt held at the J-Pop Summit Festival

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Aug. 8


lollapuzzoola-8-reg-opensLollapuzzoola 8

Lollapuzzoola is an irreverent crossword puzzle tournament, run by Patrick Blindauer and Brian Cimmet.

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Aug. 11

Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint – August 2015

Puzzled Pint is a free puzzle hunt held at a local bars, in participating cities throughout the U.S. and in several other countries on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Aug. 28 – 31

PAX Prime game convention logo.

PAX Prime – 2015

One of a convention series whose focus is based on all forms of gaming and culture.

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