Year Walk Strolling Onto Wii U Later This Summer/Fall

Swedish folklore gains motion controls, a second screen, and multiple languages, built from the ground up.
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Swedish game developer Simogo, announced that Year Walk will be coming to Wii U via the Nintendo eShop, there is no firm release date, but they’re hopeful that it will be coming out later this summer/ early fall, although Nintendo has it officially slated as a Fall 2015 release.

“[You] can imagine we are beyond excited about this; we’ve been wanting to make something for Nintendo hardware ever since we started Simogo, and the day is finally here,” Simogo stated during their Wii U announcement.

The group teamed up with another developer Dakko Dakko to work on the project, completely rebuilding the game for Nintendo’s console. They wanted the game to seem new and exciting, along with giving the impression that Year Walk was created for the Wii U and not just another direct port.

Wii U has several new features incorporated into Year Walk, the first notable one is that players will have a separate touch screen at all times for taking notes, write down puzzle ideas, or solutions without the need of pen and paper. The GamePad touchscreen will also open up the mythological encyclopedia, a map, and optional hints, accessed whenever players lower their vision, a huge plus those that have been swiping between apps on tablets and phones.

Motion controls will also be included, players are able to move around with relaxed motion on the GamePad. This being said, the controller doesn’t have to be pointing at the television like the old Wii ones, instead it can rest in the player’s lap. Motion controls are also interactive and similar to how the Wii controllers have been in the past, if players find something that needs to rotate, just physically rotate the GamePad.

Originally Year Walk only able to be played in English and French, now Simogo has included Spanish, Italian, and German in the Wii U version.

Simogo has planned even more new and intriguing updates to the game, but they’re keeping those a secret, assuring players that some of these will put a smile on their faces. The creators have said that they believe this version of Year Walk is definitely the best that they’ve yet to produce, and that the Nintendo version is near completion.

Year Walk is a first person horror adventure game set in the dark woods of 19th century Sweden. It tells the story of Daniel Svensson who hopes to see what the future holds by going on a “year walk”, an ancient Swedish experience. During this time, Daniel encounters many things, blurring the line between supernatural and reality. Players must solve puzzles, listen for clues, and learn about the folklore of the time time using the game’s built-in encyclopedia.

The current version of Year Walk is available for $3.99 USD on iOS and $5.99 USD on Steam for Windows and OS X. No price-point has been revealed for Nintendo’s Wii U.

Source: Nintendo, Simogo


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