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Yankai’s Triangle Coming To Android Nov. 17

Kenny Sun will be releasing his newest hit puzzler, Yankai’s Triangle to Android Nov. 17, adding the triangle spinning puzzler to its iOS and Steam lineup.

Thimbleweed Park Gets New Trailer

The upcoming 8-bit point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park, the “true spiritual successor” to Maniac Mansion, has a new trailer showing off the work that's been behind the scenes. 

Love You To Bits Receives Firm Release Date

Pat.io and Alike Studios have announced the final release date for the iOS version of Love You to Bits.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Comes To PS Vita, Wii U Feb. 11

Oddworld Inhabitants Inc. have brought the lovable Mudokon, Abe, to the PS Vita and the Wii U with the release of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

Love You To Bits Bumped To February

Developers of 'Love You to Bits'  have delayed the point-and-click puzzle adventure game a second time, pushing the puzzler back for a Feb. 2016 launch date.

Ubongo Pieces Together Mobile

Award winning board game Ubongo has been made it to mobile courtesy of United Soft Media.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build Out On Android and iOS

Sokobond with a stacking twist, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, has been rolled out to the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Year Walk Releases To Wii U

Simogo has launched a reworked and reimagined version of its Swedish mythological horror puzzle game to Nintendo's console.

World Of Goo Developers Announce Human Resource Machine

Former members of the design studio that brought The World Of Goo puzzler from the primordial soup of development have joined forces to bring a programming puzzler to Windows and Mac later this summer.

Year Walk Strolling Onto Wii U Later This Summer/Fall

Simogo will be bringing Year Walk to the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U sometime later this summer or early fall.

Infinifactory – Infiniupdate #2 Hits The Production Line

The second expansion for the sandbox puzzler Infinifactory has been released by developer Zachtronics with the new mini-campaign entitled Production Zone 1.

Minimalist Puzzle Game 0h n0 Releases

Developer Q42 has released a complimentary game to its puzzler 0h h1, entitle 0h n0, inspired by the Japanese puzzle Kuromasu.

P&A Magazine 54 Releases

P&A Magazine issue 54 was released Saturday by editor Foggy Brume, once again challenging puzzle lovers to solve a variety of brain-benders in the hunt style.

Shirodoko Offers Kuromasu Puzzles On Mobile

Pondnetic the one-man game development studio has released Shirodoko, bringing Kuromasu puzzle to the immensely hot mobile space.

Tile Enigma Releases For iOS

Tile Enigma, the free tile flipping puzzler and debut effort from the developers at Pikaware, LLC, is now available for iOS.

Alcazar Adds New Tunnels Update

The Incredible Company added a new update for Alcazar, their step-maze puzzler, adding tunnels to the mix.

Number Five Is Alive

Beginning Jan.31, the fifth annual JoCo Cruise Crazy’s Caribbean cruise, will feature #5isAlive puzzle hunt, setting players against enigmas on the high seas.

Infinifactory Early Access Released

Zachtronics, creators of SpaceChem, released its next puzzler, Infinifactory, via Steam’s Early Access program, giving puzzlers a front seat view of the final stages of development.