Sudoku Mahabharat: Math Variations – Results

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Official results from the fifth round of the Logic Masters India tournament Sudoku Mahabharat: Outside Variations have been released.

Jayant Ameta won the round’s Indian division, nabbing 120.4 points from the contest’s 18 puzzles in a time of 69:37. Kishore Kumar placed second with 118.5 points, followed by Rakesh Rai earning 116.3 points. Each of the competitors had clean submissions.

Even with having a 60.7 point lead, Kumar has a distinct advantage over Rai due to his authorship of the Sudoku Mahabharat: Outside Variations. Rai did not participate in that round and since only six of the highest scoring count toward contestant’s final total, Rai will have to rely on his six possible scores to win, giving Kumar a one-round opportunity to distance himself further from the competition.

Jakub Ondroušek from the Czech Republic took first place in the international division of the tournament, as well as in the overall standings, amassing 158.4 points. Just behind him came Japan’s Hideaki Jo, scoring 156.1, with only a two minute submission time separating the pair. South Korea’s Seungjae Kwak placed third, and each of the top three had error-free solution sets.

India placed poorly in the overall standings for the round, with Ameta placing in forty-third, followed by Kumar at forty-fourth and Rai coming in forty-seventh.

Puzzles from this leg of the tournament were designed by Prasanna Seshadri and focused on math-based variations of Sudoku. Eight of the puzzles were traditional Sudoku, but the variants used were Arrow Sudoku, Framed Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Mathdoku, and Product Sudoku.

Sudoku Mahabharat: Neighbors Variations will be the next round of the tournament, featuring puzzles designed by Amit Sowani, the current fourth place holder.

Sudoku Mahabaharat Schedule

  • Standard: Sept. 20 – 22
  • Irregular: Oct. 18 – 20
  • Odd-Even: Nov. 15 – 17
  • Outside: Dec. 20 – 22
  • Math: Jan. 17 – 19
  • Neighbors: Feb. 21 – 23
  • Converse: March 21 – 23
  • Finals: May 10

* All dates are for local Indian time. For those in EST, the legs tournament will begin the day before, e.g. Standard begins on Sept. 19.

Source: Indian, International


Update (Jan. 28, 2015): Sowani has been changed out with Kumar as the author of round six, which also negates Kumar’s one round advantage.

Source: LMI


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