Puzzometry On Sale To Public

Tiles open for business.
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The Kickstarter-funded puzzle, Puzzometry, went on sale to the public Monday, shortly after its creator, Jim Fox, finished mailing out all of the rewards to the backers that made the project an unexpected success.

Fox has opened up the entire line of jigsaw puzzles for purchase, which consists of Puzzometry, Puzzometry Jr., and Puzzometry Squares. Each of the puzzles is made up of 0.22” acrylic laser cut pieces and frame, which come with an accompanying cloth storage bag.

The parent Puzzometry puzzle is made up of 14 pieces that are shaped as a fusion of octagons and squares, Puzzometry Jr. is a smaller version, containing only seven pieces. Puzzometry Squares is similar, with the exception that the 14 tiles are formed from squares and rectangles.

Puzzometry Jr.

Puzzometry Jr. Photo: Puzzometry.

Puzzles are limited to U.S. customers, for now, Fox ensures that international deliveries will open up in the future.

Puzzometry began as a Kickstarter failure, missing its original funding goal of $12,000 by a wide margin. Fox, undeterred, pushed on with a smaller goal of $500 and proved that a second try for success is possible, ultimately generating $21,447 from backers.

Source: Puzzometry


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