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Bran is the founder and senior editor for the puzzle news site Puzzle Pile. From 2007 - 2010, he served as editor for the magazine Panopticon: Puzzles & Games. He is the inventor of the Itachi and Hairetsu puzzle forms and has created hundreds of puzzles.


Bran McMillin

Puzzometry On Sale To Public

Puzzometry, the Kickstarter puzzle project that proved to have a second life, has been opened up for purchase to the public by its creator, Jim Fox.

Drawn To Solutions: An Interview With Hayley Gold

Puzzle Pile talks with the artist and writer of the puzzle comic Across and Down, Hayley Gold, diving into her background, what goes into making the comic, and what she has planned in the future.

Sudoku Mahabharat: Math Variations – Results

Results for the fifth leg of Sudoku Mahabharat: Outside Variations, the epic-sized Logic Masters India tournament, have been released.

Splice Is Grafted Onto PS4 & PS3

Cipher Prime Studios has brought its cellular-sized puzzler, Splice, to the PS4 and PS3, with PlayStation Plus members receiving a 20 percent savings for the next two weeks.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars – Cross-Buy For Wii U & 3DS March 3

The next title in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, will available for download through Nintendo’s eShop on March 5, coming as a special cross-buy.

Snoutcast Ends And GC Summit On Hiatus

Husband and wife duo, Curtis Chen and DeeAnn Sole, are stepping away from the microphones, leaving behind their puzzle hunt podcast, Snoutcast, of five years.

Puzzle Grand Prix 2015 – Round 1 Results

Officials for the World Puzzle Federation released the final results for the first leg of the Puzzle Grand Prix 2015, that launched early Friday.

Blek Making Its Way To Wii U

Nintendo of North America announced during its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast that the squiggle-lined puzzler Blek will be coming to the Wii U console.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Gets Next Set Of Release Dates

Oddworld Inhabitants, the developers of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, have revealed the second phase of release dates for the remake of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, the cult hit puzzle platformer.

The Wrap-up: Under The Sea, Letters, & New Year

Sundays on Puzzle Pile we collect the week’s top 3 reports, interviews, and reviews that you may have missed, mixing it all together in what's known as The Wrap-up.

Sudoku Mahabharat: Math Variations – The Epic Continues

The fifth leg of Logic Masters India’s (LMI) Sudoku tournament, Sudoku Mahabharat, launched Friday, and is schedule to continue through Sunday.

Puzzle Grand Prix 2015 – Round 1 Begins

The World Puzzle Federation’s (WPF) launched the first round of this year's Puzzle Grand Prix Friday morning and is scheduled to last until Jan. 19.

Shadowmatic Casts Its Shadow Onto iOS

Four-man development studio, Triada Studio Games, launched Shadowmatic their first video game endeavor, Thursday.

20,000 Puzzles Under The Sea – MIT Mystery Hunt 2015 Kicks Off

MIT Mystery Hunt, the massive puzzle hunt annually held over the Martin Luther King Day weekend, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), saw its launch just after noon, Friday.

Black Letter Game, Filling Up

The reemergence of the Black Letter Game, that is scheduled to begin 9:26:53 a.m. PST, March 14, slots are filling up fast.

Socioball Rolls Onto iOS

India-based game developer, Yellow Monkey Studios, has brought its tile laying puzzler Socioball to the iOS, creating quite a twitter about the level creator.

GeoGuessr Goes To Canada

The world trekking puzzler GeoGuessr has added another nation to its individual country category, bringing Canada into the fold.

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt Tickets Now On Sale

Sales opened up for the annual puzzle hunt, Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, taking place March 7 and running out of the San Francisco bay area.