Locked In: An Interview With LockQuest’s Ryan Henson

Ryan Henson of LockQuest talks with Puzzle Pile about the his Escape Room, the differences between the digital and physical, and what it takes to run the operation.

Cryptic Logic: An Interview With Riyechi Inventor Ashley L.V. Smith

Inventor of the Riyechi puzzle form Ashley L.V. Smith talks with Puzzle Pile, getting in his background, the creation of the puzzle, and its future.

Elevation: An Interview With Bob Schaffer

Bob Schaffer, designer and runner of Saturday's upcoming Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunt, took some time to discuss his background, his Elevate Tutoring charitable organization, and the art of puzzle hunts with Puzzle Pile.

Drawn To Solutions: An Interview With Hayley Gold

Puzzle Pile talks with the artist and writer of the puzzle comic Across and Down, Hayley Gold, diving into her background, what goes into making the comic, and what she has planned in the future.

A Fantastic Mr. Fox: An Interview With Mr. Hyde

Puzzle Pile chats with Mr. Hyde where he reveals his personal and puzzle history, little puzzlers, and his plans for the future.

Odds Maker: An Interview With Todd Etter

The 75th Famine Game was held Sept. 27, assembling 139 puzzle hunters in the U.S. capital, to battle for life, glory, and to overthrow the corrupt powers of the Pangram government, by solutions alone.

Gamemaker: An Interview With Phil Dasler

Sept. 27, brought 139 puzzle hunters to Washington D.C. for The 75th Famine Game, one of the most heavily anticipated and well received puzzle hunts in recent memory.

Tabled: An Interview With Petar Zaharinov

Just under 40 miles from the eastern Serbian border rests the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, acting as home to Praktrik, one of the most puzzling furniture and design companies one might find.

In Hot Pursuit: An Interview With Scott Kessler

Teams of puzzlers will storm the decks of the USS Midway Maritime Museum, docked in San Diego, to decipher the top secret challenges of Puzzle Pursuit: Mission Classified, this Saturday.

P&A: An Interview With Foggy Brume

P&A Magazine, the bimonthly, digital puzzle hunt periodical, is schedule to release its forty-sixth issue for download at 10 a.m. MST, this Saturday.

Rogue Hunter: An Interview With Rob Evans

Mastermind Treasure Hunts is a puzzle event company, whose enigmas have been apart of the Northern Californian landscape for 6 years, and Saturday they’ll be running their latest creation, Rogue Agent!

Burrista: An Interview With Derek Bosch

Derek Bosch is the creator of the Helical Burr, which was the winner of the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Awards grand jury prize, the most prestigious mechanical puzzle award.

Griddles & Grids: An Interview With David Millar

Puzzle Pile interviews David Millar, author of the puzzle blog The Griddle and puzzle innovator. We talk with Millar about his personal background, puzzle design, and the future of his two puzzle projects.

Red Celled Puzzles: An Interview With Rachel Colangelo

Founder and runner of Pittsburgh Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Rachel Colangelo, talks about the contest's origin story and what's coming for this Saturday's crossword competition.

1,000 Hunts: A Brief Chat With Kazu From SCRAP

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Japantown, San Fransico, July 27 - 28, piecing together clues and decrypting enigmas from the latest puzzle hunt of SCRAP Entertainment, 1000 Treasure Hunters.

A Way With Words: An Interview With Brian Cimmet

Brian Cimmet, with the help of Blindauer and Ryan Hecht, has grown Lollapuzzoolan into a 500+ solver puzzle event. Puzzle Pile talked with Cimment about his life, the universe, and everything Lollapuzzoola.

Celebrating 2×8’s: An Interview With Larry Hosken

Puzzle Pile interviews Larry Hosken, the brain behind Lumber Party, an online puzzle hunt coming July 21.

Words From The Sphinx: An Interview With Expelliarmus

Puzzle Pile talks to the puzzle convention co-host, Expelliarmus, about herself, puzzles, and the ConTex 2013 puzzle event.


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