Fitting The Pieces Back Together

Puzzle Pile will be returning to business as usual from its hiatus on Nov. 3, 2014.

Odds Maker: An Interview With Todd Etter

The 75th Famine Game was held Sept. 27, assembling 139 puzzle hunters in the U.S. capital, to battle for life, glory, and to overthrow the corrupt powers of the Pangram government, by solutions alone.

Gamemaker: An Interview With Phil Dasler

Sept. 27, brought 139 puzzle hunters to Washington D.C. for The 75th Famine Game, one of the most heavily anticipated and well received puzzle hunts in recent memory.

Tabled: An Interview With Petar Zaharinov

Just under 40 miles from the eastern Serbian border rests the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, acting as home to Praktrik, one of the most puzzling furniture and design companies one might find.

In Hot Pursuit: An Interview With Scott Kessler

Teams of puzzlers will storm the decks of the USS Midway Maritime Museum, docked in San Diego, to decipher the top secret challenges of Puzzle Pursuit: Mission Classified, this Saturday.

P&A: An Interview With Foggy Brume

P&A Magazine, the bimonthly, digital puzzle hunt periodical, is schedule to release its forty-sixth issue for download at 10 a.m. MST, this Saturday.

Rogue Hunter: An Interview With Rob Evans

Mastermind Treasure Hunts is a puzzle event company, whose enigmas have been apart of the Northern Californian landscape for 6 years, and Saturday they’ll be running their latest creation, Rogue Agent!

Four Releases To Android

Ali Shakiba, founder and developer for the small game development studio, Piqnt, released his ball-and-stick puzzler, Four, to the Google Play store, Wednesday.

Mirror Moon EP Releases

Mirror Moon EP, the sci-fi puzzler from Italian development studio, Santa Ragione, released Wednesday, beckoning those that wish to solve the mysteries of terrain and alien architecture, across thousands of planets.

Third Run Of Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunt 2 Coming

Dr. Bob has announced the Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunt 2 will receive a third running, which is scheduled to be held later this year.

Escape From The Bank Tickets On Sale

Tickets to SCRAP Entertainment’s next puzzle hunt, Escape From The Bank, went on sale Wednesday, which will be held at San Francisco's Regency Center, Oct. 17 - 20.

2014 Extravaganza & A Mini Coming From Payne

Trip Payne, owner and operator of Triple Play Puzzles, has announced the date for his Puzzle Extravaganza and an additional mini-ganza, both set to debut in 2014.

Spies Infiltrate Barrie Canada In Sept.

Just north of Toronto, in the city of Barrie, Canada, the first chapter of the Spies of Barrie puzzle hunt will open Sept. 14 and 21, as double agents assimilate into the local population.

Tapa Variant Contest XIV – Results

Tapa Variant Contest (TVC) XIV wrapped up in the early morning, Tuesday, closing Logic Masters India second puzzle event of the TVC tournament series.

Burrista: An Interview With Derek Bosch

Derek Bosch is the creator of the Helical Burr, which was the winner of the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Awards grand jury prize, the most prestigious mechanical puzzle award.

17th Westchester Crossword Puzzle Tournament Announced

Will Shortz, editor for The New York Times Crossword puzzle, will be hosting the 17th annual Westchester Crossword Puzzle Tournament, Friday, Sept. 27.

The 7th Guest Mystery Contest Begins

Trilobyte Games, makers of The 7th Guest classic puzzle adventure series, began a 22-day long, word-based puzzle hunt, Sunday, to celebrate its forthcoming puzzler, The 7th Guest: 3.

Escape From The Bank Announced

SCRAP Entertainment has revealed the date and details for the sixth volume of their Real Escape Game puzzle hunt series, Escape From The Bank.