Layton Anime and Manga Hits Japan Spring 2018, More Details

Level 5 revealed more details about its Professor Layton anime due out in 2018, including a manga adaption to go along with an upcoming Layton game.

Portal Adapted For Apple II Demo

Assistant professor at the University of Maine, Vince Weaver, has created a working demo for the classic puzzle game Portal on the Apple II computer.

Artist Turns Illegal Weapons Into Jigsaw Puzzles

Pushing the boundaries of art and law, Dutch artist Art van Triest s fashioning his artwork from illegal firearms and into jigsaw puzzles.

Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus Get Museum Grade Art Prints

Art dealer Cook & Becker, has released a set of high-quality prints from Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, for sale online.

Ancient Greek “Crossword” Found On Turkish City Wall

An ancient crossword-like puzzle has been discovered in the over 4,500-year old Greek city of Smyrna, located in western Turkey.

J.J. Abrams Says To Expect Portal Movie Announcement “Soon”

Confirmation has come from J.J. Abrams has that the Portal movie is still in development and that fans can expect an announcement “fairly soon.”

Sega’s Japanese Arcade Bags Contain Hidden Message For Years

There's been a secret message printed on the crane game prize bags from Sega Japan in arcades that's gone undiscovered for the last two years, until now.

91-Year-Old German Woman Fills Out Crossword Art During Museum Visit

A 91-year-old woman has filled out a Crossword puzzle, trouble is that it's a piece of art worth for over $88,000.

The Witness Gets Reimagined As A Working 8-Bit NES Version

The Witness was released just about six months ago and one fan going by the handle of “dustmop” has made a demake version for Nintendo's NES.

Tetris Sci-fi Movie Greenlit With $80 Million Budget, Begins Filming 2017

Tetris is a co-production from the producer of True Lies is set to become a trilogy, featuring a cast of both American and Chinese actors.

Playing Patty Cake With Wormholes In Portal 2

Portal 2 is just over five years, but users are still finding new and interesting ways to get more life out of the title, with one player showing off an experiment that smashes two portals together.

Man Solves Three Rubik’s Cubes Under 20 Seconds, Juggling

Juggler solves three 3×3 Rubik’s cubes in just under 20 seconds… camera and digital trickery or achievement unlocked?

J.J. Abrams Confirms Portal Movie Still In Development

A Portal movie based on the puzzle game series is “still in development” according to J.J. Abrams, with writers actively working on the project.

The Witness Gets Printable Panels

The Witness just released two days ago and Jonathan Blow's team is offering panels from the puzzle game as a free download to print out as puzzle wall art.

Monument Valley Play Set Added To LEGO Ideas, Needs Support

A fan-made design for Ustwo Games's Monument Valley has been submitted to a LEGO community site to be voted on for a chance to become an official play set.

Tetris “Origins” Movie In Development

A feature-length biopic based on the life of the computer engineer that created Tetris in 1984 is being developed for the big screen.

Myst In Development As Video Series

Classic puzzle adventure game, Myst, is in development to become a video series.

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