Rusty Lake Movie Details Begin To Surface

Kickstarter launching to support project.
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Details from the upcoming Rusty Lake movie are beginning to rise from the depths, just a week after the series’ developer had revealed the project.

The short movie will have a run time of about 10 minutes and with Prague-based director Sean van Leijenhorst taking the reins of the live action film. Having worked on several short, horror films that include Banshee, Woods, and Don’t Turn Me Off, the director’s past projects should fit in with the Rusty Lake franchise’s occultic themes.

Work on the Rusty Lake movie began a little over a year ago with van Leijenhorst and the Rusty Lake team coming together to create the story. The script for Rusty Lake was primarily written by van Leijenhorst, with some help coming from the video game developer. It will “partly feel like an adaption of one of [the Cube Escape] games.”

Filming for the film has just begun, with the whole process scheduled to be wrapped up this July.

“We still have some shooting days left and the post-production will be from April till July,” writes developer Rusty Lake. “[We] hope to finish the game in the same period.”

Rusty Lake Movie – The Game

But wait… there’s more.

Development on the video game tie-in continues, but its creators are still remaining tight-lipped over the details, continuing to tease what’s to come.

“[We] tried to find the perfect combination to link [the movie and game] in a unique way. We can’t share more info now but… [they’ll] be connected in a way we’ve never seen before.”

Rusty Lake has remained adamant that the connections between its movie and game will be “unique” for a while, so far there haven’t been any details released about how that might be.

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

For such a large-scale project, developer Rusty Lake is looking to help with its funding by bringing it to Kickstarter.

“From the start we knew this project is so unique and big, that we want to try out a kickstarter with you,” wrote the video game developer. “We could use your support, not only so we can finish the project but also to involve you in a special way by sharing a lot of rewards from the movie and game.”

Those planned rewards include extra in-game content , props from the movie, movie posters, the original soundtrack, getting backers’ names or pictures in the game, and a credit listing in the movie. If the campaign proves successful, Rusty Lake hopes to release both the move and game for free while keeping those rewards special for backers.

“If you can help us to succeed our Kickstarter, we can distribute both the movie and game for free, except for extra content in-game that will only be available after backing us or buying it.”

Rusty Lake hasn’t laid out dates for when the project will make its Kickstarter debut, but the developer is planning to release details in “the upcoming weeks.”

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