Bridge Constructor Portal Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

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Video game publisher Headup Games has announced the release dates for its console versions of Bridge Constructor Portal, all set to hit digital stores in the coming weeks.

Bridge Constructor Portal will be out on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on Feb. 28, following to PS4 the next day, March 1. Pricing for each of the console versions will run $14.99, a $5 increase from the game’s desktop counterparts and $10 more than mobile.

Featuring 60 levels, the puzzle game is a re-theming of the original Bridge Constructor that has puzzlers trying to build bridges to cross treacherous areas. This version adds a Portal twist, bringing the signature portals, colored goo, and companion cube from the Valve series.

Bridge Constructor Portal is also available on Android and iOS for $4.99, and on Windows, macOS, and Linux via Steam at $9.99. Both mobile and desktop versions were released this past December.

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