Bring You Home Quietly Debuts On App Store

Puzzle adventure game lands on iOS, tvOS.
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Alike Studio, the developers behind Love You To Bits, have snuck their latest puzzle adventure game Bring You Home onto the App Store for iOS and tvOS.

This new puzzle adventure takes players along on the journey of Polo, a cute little alien, as he goes out to rescue his kidnapped pet. Polo will go through all sorts of alien worlds trying to get his little critter back home. Sounds a lot like Love You To Bits and bares quite a strong graphic resemblance as well, but where Bring You Home differs is in the puzzle mechanics.

In Bring You Home, the puzzle twist is that players don’t control the character, instead they take charge of the alien worlds themselves. Each of the levels from the game are divided into pieces that can be changed by players, to create the perfect path for Polo to make his way through safely.

The developer had teased a video of Bring You Home almost a year ago, describing it as “family friendly puzzle adventure… with a gameplay twist.” Running for 34 seconds, the video itself didn’t give away any details from the game, but touted that it’d see release in fall of 2017.

Bring You Home is available on iOS and tvOs for $2.99, no word yet if or when it will be coming to Android. Alike Studio brought its previous game to Android after it enjoyed several months as an iOS exclusive, so it stands to reason that the game developer will employ a similar strategy.

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