Rusty Lake Short Movie & Game Announced, Kickstarter Future

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Developer Rusty Lake revealed that it will be coming out with a movie based on its Rusty Lake escape room franchise, along with a new game.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the developer showed off an image of several paper pages with its content blurred out, save for the working title Rusty Lake – A Short Movie. It also made mention of need for financial help to produce the undertaking.

“A short Rusty Lake movie is coming… together with a new game!” tweeted the video game developer. “We will need your help to kickstart this project.”

The Rusty Lake developer stated that more information will be coming “soon,” which suggests it’ll come in the form of a Kickstarter announcement. The company hasn’t had need for financing its previous game development efforts, so it stands to reason that they’ll be looking for assistance in the production of the short movie portion itself.

Rusty Lake said in mid-December that it had been working on a “unique project” and that it would be making a formal announcement just in time for Christmas. It can be presumed that this is that same project, which had fallen into a bit of a delay.

Further details details about the movie or the new game itself haven’t been brought to light.

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