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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has greenlit development for an original movie The Crossword Mystery, co-created by The New York Times Crossword editor Will Shortz.

The Crossword Mystery follow the story of a Crossword puzzle editor, played by Lacey Chabert, that finds herself in the middle of a police investigation. Clues from her Crosswords have been linked to the unsolved crimes and she must team up with a detective, Brennan Elliott, to prove the editor’s innocence.

Hallmark has been excited to bring its mystery franchise to the world that hasn’t seen much mainstream media attention in the past.

“[We] are thrilled to pair [Chabert and Elliott] in an exciting new mystery, The Crossword Mystery,” said EVP Programming & Publicity of Crown Media Family Networks Michelle Vicary. “We are honored to welcome puzzle extraordinaire Will Shortz to the Hallmark family and bring the intricacies of his genius to television.”

Greenlighting a movie allows the project to move forward from its development phase to the pre-production and principle photography. Production timetables, nor a final release date hasn’t been announced by Hallmark, this should change as work on the film progresses from this still early stage.

Further details about Shortz’s involvement in the movie, other than having co-create the movie, haven’t been revealed.

Chabert and Elliott have collaborate on previous Hallmark movies, including All of My Heart and All of My Heart: Inn Love.

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