MIT Mystery Hunt 2018 Puzzles Open To Solve

Archived through MIT puzzle hunt website.
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Team Death And Mayhem has released each of the over 150 puzzles from the 2018 MIT Mystery Hunt for free through the puzzle hunt’s website.

The archived puzzles from the event ranged in difficulty from “difficult” to “brain-bleeding,” and cover a vast array of solving techniques from code breaking to a multi-layered jigsaw, each created by a member of Team Life & Order, temporarily renamed from Death and Mayhem. For those wanting to have a go at the puzzles, each of them are accompanied by their solutions and a step-by-step walk through.

Entitled Operation: Head Hunters, the massive puzzle hunt was themed after the Pixar animated movie Inside Out. The movie itself takes place inside the mind of young girl, where her emotions are represented as cartoon characters. Life & Order took the Inside Out premise and turned it a bit on its ear by having the event unfold inside the mind of a puzzler.

Beginning stages of MIT Mystery Hunt 2018.

Beginning stages of MIT Mystery Hunt 2018. Image: MIT Mystery Hunt.

Operation: Head Hunters is archived in its final state, seen when a team would’ve finished all of the puzzles from the hunt. During the event, each of the orbs, characters, and other items within the scene had to be unlocked by solving puzzles.

Puzzle hunt team Setec Astronomy found the coin on Jan. 14 at 4:21 p.m., earning them the win to MIT Mystery Hunt 2018. They’ve also now have the honor of creating and running next year’s puzzle hunt.

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