Layton’s Mystery Journey Gets Free Starter Kit

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Professor Layton developer Level-5 is offering puzzlers a chance to get a taste of its latest release from the series Layton’s Mystery Journey that may have balked at the mobile price by offering a free Starter Kit.

Layton’s Mystery Journey SK gives players free access to the puzzle game’s introduction and Case 01: The Hand That Feeds. While it might not seem like a big deal by the numbers each of the cases can take an hour or so to solve, making them fairly substantial in length.

If players choose to go down the Starter Kit route, they’re not going to have to zip between it and the original app, or have to restart entirely once the free sections have been played through. The rest of the chapters are collected into groups and offered as in-app purchases, along with the other content from the original form of the game.

Layton’s Mystery Journey SK Case Collection Pricing

  • Case Collection 1: Cases 2-4 – $4.99.
  • Case Collection 2: Cases 5-8 – $5.99.
  • Case Collection 3: Cases 9-12 – $5.99.
  • Full Kit: Cases 2-12 – $15.99.

Buying all of the cases through full kit option will save players $1, instead of going for each of the case collections separately. Level-5 has also made purchasing the full kit outright the same price as buying the original version of the app.

Developers have tried this type of business model in the past, where players are offered a free portion of a game upfront with premium unlockable content available. So far, the strategy hasn’t gained much traction from players. This suggests that sales for the full version of Layton’s Mystery Journey have probably begun to fall quickly, pushing Level-5 into seeking additional ways to monetize its heavy investment in the game’s mobile development.

Level-5 departed from the standard release model last year when it debuted Layton’s Mystery Journey on mobile, following soon after to Nintendo’s 3DS. Its base game was offered for $14.99, with additional in-app purchases that would match the 3DS price of $39.99.

Layton’s Mystery Journey SK is available on both Android and iOS, while the original version runs for $15.99.

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