Rusty Lake Paradise Final Release Trailer Out

Plagues come to Rusty Lake island.
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With less than a week to go until the release of Rusty Lake Paradise, game developer Rusty Lake has put out an official trailer of its upcoming title and the trademark surrealism of the series.

Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium title to come from the Rusty Lake series and from the 52-second trailer carries all of the franchise’s hallmarks. Developer Rusty Lake shows off its familiar graphical and narrative style, but also brings its penchant for the occult front and center more than it has in its past trailers. The trailer is far darker than any of the developer’s past efforts.

Its story follows the Eilander family set during the 18th century on an island in Rusty Lake. Eldest son Jakob returns to Paradise island following the mysterious passing of this mother. Since her death, the island has been cursed with 10 plagues that can only be stopped by uncovering the memories of Jakob’s mother and taking part in many strange family rituals.

The developer announced the release date for Rusty Lake Paradise in December, following several internal setbacks, pushing the project’s debut past their initial 2017 deadline.

Rusty Lake Paradise will be coming to the usual mobile platforms, Android and iOS, while hitting Windows, macOS desktops via Steam and The game will retail between $3 – 4, depending on platform and taxes.

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