Calendar Lineup – January 2018

The puzzle world is filled with puzzle events, puzzle hunts, puzzle tournaments, and all sorts of great things to keep solvers busy all year long. Puzzle Pile helps to keep the puzzle community up to date by running the Calendar Lineup on the first of each month, showing off what’s coming up during that time. Check out what’s going on, there’s a wide range of puzzle activities running all over the world and online, many of which are free to join in on.

We also have our calendar that tracks what’s going on throughout the entire year. If we’re missing something or would like to see an event added in, just let us know.

Dec. 1 – Jan. 24

Solver movie logo.

The Solver Puzzle Hunt

The Solver Puzzle Hunt featuring puzzles from some of the puzzle hunt community’s well known designers.

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Jan. 6

P&A Magazine logo on a tablet computer.

P&A Magazine #71

P&A Magazine #71 will become available for download at 10 a.m. Arizona time, coming with puzzles in a variety of forms and includes a mini puzzle hunt.

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Jan. 9

Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint – January 2018

Puzzled Pint is a free puzzle hunt held at a local bars, in cities throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Jan. 12 – 15

Sudoku Mahabharat logo.

Sudoku Mahabharat: Twisted Classics & Converse – 2018

The first round of the online portion of Logic Masters India’s Sudoku Mahabharat, international solvers are encouraged to participate.

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Jan. 12

MIT Mystery Hunt - 2018.

MIT Mystery Hunt – 2018

The thirty-seventh running of the most renown puzzle hunt throughout the world, held at the MIT campus over Memorial Day weekend.

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Jan. 26 – 29

Puzzle Ramayan logo.

Puzzle Ramayan: Classics – 2018

The first round of Logic Masters India’s online puzzle tournament Puzzle Ramayan, international solvers are encouraged to participate.

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Jan. 26 – 29

Sudoku & Puzzle Grand Prix logo.

Sudoku Grand Prix – 2018: Netherlands

The first of an eight round, online Sudoku tournament held by the World Puzzle Federation, pitting some of the world’s top solvers against each other.

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Jan. 29

Four wooden Burr puzzles.

National Puzzle Day – 2018

A national holiday set aside for all people from the U.S. to come together, for the sole reason to solve all sorts of puzzles.

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Jan. 30

Samuel Lyod's 177th Birthday.

Samuel Lyod’s 177th Birthday

The birthday of Samuel Lyod who once was considered one of the U.S.’s greatest puzzle makers.

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Bran McMillin is the founder and senior editor for the puzzle news site Puzzle Pile. From 2007 - 2010, he served as editor for the magazine Panopticon: Puzzles & Games. He is the inventor of the Itachi and Hairetsu puzzle forms and has created hundreds of puzzles. Disclosure: Bran is a member of the National Puzzlers' League.


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