Hatched Puzzle Magazine Cuts Back To Quarterly

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Creator and editor of Hatched Nathan Curtis announced that the puzzle magazine will be cutting back from its monthly schedule, opting for a quarterly publication cycle, following the just released December issue.

Hatched launched with its first issue landing in Sept. 2017 with the plan to hit subscribers’ email boxes every month. Plans quickly hit a bumpy publication rollout as production of the next magazine hit snags behind-the-scenes.

“We’re still working out the kinks in this operation, and we appreciate your patience,” wrote Curtis. “Our staff members are all working in their spare time, and it is difficult for us to keep up with the demands of putting out an issue every month.”

Curtis plans to stay-the-course on the quarterly publication route, even if the financial backing continues to increase through the magazine’s Patreon page and creator submissions grow.

“If our submissions and subscriber base pick up, we will probably try to put more puzzles in each issue, while maintaining a quarterly publication schedule,” explained Curtis.

The first issue that will be on the new schedule is issue 3 and due out sometime in March, 2018. Base-level subscriptions to Hatched run at $1 per issue through the magazine’s Patreon page, with bonus content coming with higher pledge levels.

Hatched was announced and began accepting submissions for puzzles back in May 2017.

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