Layton Anime and Manga Hits Japan Spring 2018, More Details

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Level 5 announced in October it’s currently developing an anime in support of a new Professor Layton title that’s due out in Japan during 2018, now the game studio has now revealed more details about what’s to come.

The Professor Layton project has been expanded from just a supporting anime to include a manga adaption of the series, entitled Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Mystery Solving File. Its story will follow Professor Layton’s daughter Kat, who was first introduced and starred in the developer’s most recent release Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.

The overall story arc will focus on Kat’s pursuit of her famous puzzle solving father, following his disappearance while out solving a case. Characters from Layton’s Mystery Journey will be featured, including Kat’s beloved hound dog Sherl. It does seem as though the two’s narrative on the surface follows the same outline as the Layton’s Mystery Journey, whether they are the same remains to be seen.

How the anime and manga will tie into the new Layton game hasn’t been made clear either, if they’ll be the same story, run at the same time as the other, or if one will lead into another.

Whether puzzles will be included in the anime or manga hasn’t been revealed, but it will exciting to see the Layton universe brought to life in another venue.

Previous remarks the company had made set the release as “summer 2018”, but recent statements have changed to “spring 2018.” At this stage of development release dates tend to be much more fluid, so it can be expected that the timeframe should remain pretty consistent while the actual date may be bumped around a bit.

What might also be a cause for the differing times may be that the Layton anime and manga, to be followed by the game itself. This could set up the story from anime and manga to flow straight into the video game’s narrative.

The developer hasn’t given any official word if the anime, manga, or Layton game will be making its way stateside. With such a high profile franchise, it’s hard to imagine that all three wouldn’t find their way to the U.S.

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