Photographs, Five Puzzlers In One, Coming 2018

Experimental narrative puzzle game.
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London-based video game developer EightyEight Games is bringing its experimental narrative puzzle game Photographs to desktops and mobile next year.

What the developer has set out to do is create a collection of narratives and have players explore them through puzzles. Each of the puzzles and stories are woven together to tell tales that go across different settings.

“The game is divided into five distinct stories, set in five different times and locations,” describes the EIghtyEight Games. “[Players] will learn how to solve progressively difficult puzzles in one story, and then move to the next story which has completely different gameplay.”

While puzzles play an important role in Photographs, for the Redwood what’s at the core of the title is how the story and puzzles are woven together to create a whole package.

“[The] other big secret is that it’s not a puzzle game,” related the developer. “[It’s] a narrative game. The dioramas, the photographs, the sound, the voices, and the puzzles, come together to create a cohesive narrative experience that tells that specific story.”

The Photographs announcement trailer shows several puzzles from the game, including having players move multiple characters simultaneously through a maze to find the exit, planting crops, and bouncing balls.

EightyEight Games also appears to be expanding experimentation with video game design, as it poses the questions “Why have a level select screen? Why not use that time and space to elevate a puzzle game and really tell a story?”

All signals seem to be pointing toward an immersive game that’s looking to grow the genre in a direction its not been before.

Pixelhush, or better known to his relatives as Octavi Navarro, will be supplying the artwork for the game. Designs look familiar it’s because Pixelhush also provided the 8-bit illustrations for puzzle adventure Thimbleweed Park.

Photographs will be coming to Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, a final release date hasn’t been set.

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