Rusty Lake Paradise Date Gets Locked In

Two other projects in development.
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Rusty Lake announced that its next premium title Rusty Lake Paradise will be unlocking for mobile and desktops on Jan. 11.

There’s been few issues causing internal delays timeline for the developer, mostly ones that center around quality control and an ever growing ambition for the game.

“Designing a new, bigger narrative with new characters takes a lot of time for us two,” wrote the video game studio. “[With] every Rusty Lake premium game that we make, we seem to make it bigger, better and more attractive for you guys.”

Rusty Lake Paradise takes players to Paradise Island where they must stop 10 deadly plagues from destroying their family members. Each of the plagues must be stopped using “ominous family rituals” and bring its own “atmosphere, suspense and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers.”

The developer officially announced Rusty Lake Paradise back in August, after details had begun to leak from the numerous video game conferences it had been attending.

What’s Coming Next To Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake still has one more game left in the free escape room series Cube Escape and the developer hasn’t forgotten about it during the creation of Rusty Lake Paradise.

“[Not] only a new Cube Escape but also a very [unique] project that gets more shape every week…” explained Rusty Lake. “It will be something completely new for Rusty Lake and has never been done before in gaming.”

A teaser for the “unique project” will be coming just in time for Christmas, but other details surrounding that effort haven’t been announced. News about the next Cube Escape title also remain elusive.

Rusty Lake Paradise will available for desktops on Windows and macOS via Steam and, while it’ll be coming to mobile on the Android and iOS platforms. Both desktop and mobile versions of the escape room title will retail for $3.

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