Fez Pocket Edition Spins Out On iOS

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Developer Polytron launched its dimensional-spanning puzzle platformer Fez for iOS today, as a Pocket Edition for $4.99.

Fez Pocket Edition has had a long road to publication, beginning with statements made by Polytron developer Phil Fish in 2013 that an iOS port was “highly probable.” Rumors of its development would spark and blaze throughout that time, with the now fallen industry giant Zynga purportedly having offered to port Fez.

Video game studio Blitworks that’s based out of Barcelona took up the task this past April, the same time as Polytron’s official iOS announcement. It took the company eight months to produce Fez Pocket Edition for iOS, taking the time to make it backward compatible all the way to iOS 8, allowing the puzzle game run on devices as early as iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

For controls, Polytron has a virtual button system placing them directly on the screen, while rotating the two-dimensional environments can be done by swiping the screen left or right.

Gomez is the star of the game, who is a two-dimensional creature that quickly finds out that he lives in a three-dimensional world. Players venture out into the newly discovered dimensional world, solving puzzles that can dive so deep into the game’s core that no one has finished.

Polytron has stated that the company doesn’t currently have plans to bring Fez Pocket Edition to Android.

Fez was originally released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and would soon spread to Windows, macOS, and Linux. Polytron went on to team up with Blitworks to bring the title to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and includes the iOS version.

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