Opus Magnum Exits Steam Early Access

Alchemist machines for everyone.
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After spending only two brisk months in public development, Zachtronics has released its alchemy machine creation puzzler Opus Magnum out of Steam’s Early Access.

Zachtronics has always had a fast turnaround when bringing its games through the Early Access program, as titles are fairly complete when they enter. What the developer has used the Early Access platform for is to help find and quash bugs, but more so to generate content.

In Opus Magnum, players take on the role of alchemist building machines to help combine elements into new creations. The game is an open-ended puzzler that has players create unique designs that solve each of the challenges.

The puzzle game comes with a story-driven campaign, puzzle editor, and Steam Workshop support built in. Zachtronics is still hoping to “add at least one or two additional journal issues” as a free update to the game, which are much more difficult puzzles not tied into the campaigns.

Opus Magnum will be available on Windows, macOS, and Linux through Steam for 10 percent off until Dec. 14, when it’ll revert to its original price of $19.99.

Taking a strange turn, Opus Magnum was declined to be sold in the GOG store, the reason cited according to Zachtronics was because “looks too much like a mobile game.”

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