The Griddle Cancels Puzzle Advent Calendar 2017

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​In a reversal of his Sept. 15 announcement, owner and operator of puzzle website The Griddle, David Millar, issued a statement via social media that this year’s Puzzle Advent Calendar has been canceled.

Millar cited the cancellation of the annual puzzle event was caused by not having the calendar ready to go by its Dec. 1 deadline.

“I’ve decide to take this year off [Puzzle Advent Calendar] instead of rushing out something unfinished,” wrote Millar.

The designer revealed that he isn’t completely throwing in the towel as he the still has plans to help puzzlers through December.

“I’ll still have some holiday puzzles coming, plus a bunch of much-needed bugfixes and enhancements to The Griddle.”

The plan for this year’s Advent Calendar had been to be an interlocking set of 25 Sudoku puzzles, with each piece being released each day leading up to Dec. 25. Millar had plans laid out for the grid and its layout, but it appears that the designer just ran out of time to fully produce the project.

Millar began producing the Puzzle Advent Calendar in 2011 and had gone on to make it an annual uninterrupted event until this year.

Disclosure: Millar is a financial backer of Puzzle Pile.

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Bran McMillin is the founder and senior editor for the puzzle news site Puzzle Pile. From 2007 - 2010, he served as editor for the magazine Panopticon: Puzzles & Games. He is the inventor of the Itachi and Hairetsu puzzle forms and has created hundreds of puzzles. Disclosure: Bran is a member of the National Puzzlers' League.


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