Puzzazz 6.0 Update Adds Diagramless Crosswords

Includes digital upgrades.
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Puzzazz continues to build upon its puzzle app’s digital capabilities, adding support for Diagramless Crosswords in its latest 6.0 update.

Diagramless Crosswords follow the same overall rules as traditional Crosswords, but the twist is that puzzlers have to figure out not only where the answers go, but also the placement of all the black cells. While the developer doesn’t yet offer any Diagramless Crosswords through its online store, it will support Diagramless Crosswords from The New York Times Crosswords and any .puz files that puzzlers want to give a crack.

Puzzazz rendered on iPhone X.

Puzzazz rendered on iPhone X. Image: Puzzazz.

Developers have also continued to show that they don’t mess around with supporting Apple’s new initiatives. Many iOS designers can take months to update their apps to properly, if they ever do. Puzzazz is ready to go with Apple’s new iPhone X and its much talked about “notch” and rounded corners. So, if you’re dropping $999 on the latest phone you can solve without any digital hiccups.

The company has been steadily increasing the app’s capabilities and offerings, adding Sudoku and KenKen this past March with its 5.0 update.

Puzzazz was founded in 2008 and offers its app as a free download exclusively for iOS.

Disclosure: Puzzazz CEO/CTO Roy Leban is a backer of Puzzle Pile.

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