Zendo Hitting Store Shelves December

Pre-orders late November.
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The second edition of inductive reasoning puzzle game Zendo from Looney Labs is scheduled to begin hitting U.S. store shelves this December.

Those that pre-ordered Zendo through the company’s online store or hobby games stores should receive their copies by late November and puzzlers can find it in stores sometime in early to mid-December. Since the game will be coming in hot from the press, Looney Labs is pushing to get copies out to players as quickly as they can.

“Since this game is arriving just barely in time for the holidays, we will be shipping on receipt, not holding for a specific nation-wide street date,” wrote Looney Labs. “We expect to start shipping out of Battle Creek, Michigan, the week of [Nov. 20, 2017].”

Zendo second edition pieces in patterns.

Zendo second edition pieces in patterns. Image: Looney Labs.

Announced back in August, this new version aims to simplify and streamline the puzzle board game while giving it a much needed graphical overhaul. All of the foundational elements from the original edition have been maintained, but Looney Labs has beefed up all that comes with the title.

Zendo retails for $40 and is available for purchase through the Looney Labs store, hobby game stores, and usual lineup of online sellers.

Kory Heath designed Zendo and its first edition was brought to market by Looney Labs in 2001.

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