The Room 3 Planned Desktop Development, Out 2018

Work begins following The Room: Old Sins release.
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Fireproof Games took a short break from its development of The Room: Old Sins that’s due out Jan. 25 to revealed its plans to bring The Room 3 to desktops via Steam next year.

The developer wanted to state that it’s been devoting its full attention to the upcoming launch of the fourth title from the series The Room: Old Sins, but has plans to release a desktop version at least by mid-2018.

“[A] PC version of The Room Three is not in active development at the moment, however we do hope to get started on this in 2018,” wrote Fireproof Games on its developer blog. “We’re very busy putting the final touches to The Room: Old Sins right now, as we entirely rebuild [and] remake our games to be fit for PC, this requires a lot more time & effort than typical ports. So we’re not likely to have anything until the middle of next year at the earliest.”

Fireproof Games has only offered The Room series for Windows on desktops to this point and if that pattern holds true, and there’s no indications that it won’t, it’s expected that The Room 3 will be only available for Windows.

The Room 3 was released as an iOS exclusive on Nov. 4, 2015 and would go on to release for Android in January of the following year.

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