Scrap Opens Holiday Shop For The Season

PuzzPack and other merch open to pre-order.
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Escape room design studio Scrap Entertainment has launched an online shop for the upcoming holiday season, opening pre-orders for four items just in time for puzzly gifting.

Of the four items, most notable is Scrap’s PuzzPack and that comes packing “essentially the same” puzzles as the PuzzBox the company offered late last year. PuzzPack places solvers against the PuzzKing, as they try to solve interconnected puzzles to come to a final solution under a time of 60 minutes. The pack comes with a price tag of $21.95, but Scrap is discounting all PuzzPack orders placed for before Nov. 30 to $19.95.

A refill package is included with PuzzBox can be shared with friends, and the studio is also offering a limited quantity of classic book cases can be added for another $9.

Scrap has also created a card that is meant to go with any occasion, which has a puzzle print on its exterior for $3.95. The card can be optionally paired with a gift certificate that starts out at $30 and can be increased by $30 increments up to $180.

A coffee mug and t-shirt are also available, they come sporting a unique puzzle themselves and retail for $11.95 and $24.95, respectively.

Each of the items will go on sale on Dec. 1 and Scrap will presumably begin shipping pre-orders around that same time.

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