The Room: Old Sins Opens To iOS Jan. 25

Following to Android “shortly afterwards.”
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Developer Fireproof Games has announced that The Room: Old Sins, the fourth installment from The Room puzzle game franchise, will release to iOS on Jan. 25, 2018.

Originally announced in March to be coming in “late 2017,” developers decided to push back the launch date to give the mechanical puzzler a bit more polish and work, a move they’ve done with previous entries in the series.

“[We’ve] made the difficult decision to delay the release until January,” wrote Fireproof Games through its studio developer blog. “While it’s never a popular choice, we feel that it’s the best decision to spend more time refining the game to ensure it fulfills our vision for The Room series and lives up to the high expectations of our players.”

The Room: Old Sins, video from the beginning of the game.

The Room: Old Sins, video from the beginning of the game. Image: Fireproof Games.

The Room: Old Sins will continue the series tradition of debuting on iOS and following to Android “shortly afterward,” according to Fireproof Games. No firm timeline has been set, but with past efforts from Apple, the App Store has nabbed lock downs of games for timed exclusives from times of week up to two months.

Pricing for either platform hasn’t been revealed, but past titles from The Room series have debuted at $4.99 with other franchise games receiving a price drop. It can be expected that the developers will follow the same roll out formula that they’ve seen such success from.

Fireproof has also take the development strategy to bring its games to mobile first and follow much later to desktops, and while no formal announcement has been made it’s safe to guess that The Room: Old Sins eventually see a desktop version hit Steam in the future.

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