Crosswords LA 2017 Puzzles Go On Sale

First all-female design team.
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For those not able to make the trip to Los Angeles, puzzles from the 2017 Crosswords LA tournament have been made available for purchase.

Puzzlers can grab their copies at a minimum of $5 through the Crossword Nexus online store, with the proceeds going toward the charitable organization Reading To Kids. Included in the package are the five puzzles used in the main contest, the finals puzzle, a warm-up puzzle, and the tie-breaker puzzle. The Crosswords bundle will delivered straight to the old inbox.

What makes this year’s slate of Crosswords unique is that it was the first time that an all-female design team was used in a major tournament. Authors that were featured in the contest were C.C. Burnikel, Andrea Carla Michaels, Susan Gelfand, Aimee Lucido, Erin Rhode, and Patti Varol, all well known and respected constructors in their own right.

Al Sanders took first place in this year’s Crosswords LA tournament, earning a total of 7,880 points in the competition and out-solving Eric LeVasseur and Eric Maddy in the final knockout round. LeVasseur would place second and Maddy following in third.

Organizers have stated that they’re expecting to hold next year’s contest at the same location and around the same time.

Elissa Grossman is the founder of Crosswords LA.

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