Red Bull & Rubik’s Cube Teaming Up For Competitions

Seeks to take speedcubing to next level.
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Rubik’s Cube has joined forces with global lifestyle and sports brand Red Bull, bringing it under its Mind Gamers arm.

This isn’t a buyout of the Rubik’s license or the company, like the recent purchase of Thinkfun by Ravensburger, but a marketing and promotional partnership. Rubik’s is bringing on the minds behind Red Bull’s marketing team to help boost the awareness and quality of the competitive scene.

“Red Bull has gained a market leading reputation for leveraging the extreme sports and music markets and it’s a great sign for Rubik’s to see Red Bull now enter into intelligence,” said marketing director of Rubik’s master licensee, The Smiley Company, Matt Winton. “They are experts in marketing and promoting events… this will ensure Rubik’s and Speedcubing has stand out prominence in the market next year and it is great to be partnering with one of the world’s greatest lifestyle brands.”

Red Bull will begin competitions starting at the beginning of 2018, with regional qualifiers set to be held in 17 countries. Each of the knockout competitions will bring the winners to the Rubik’s World Championship Finals that will be held in Boston sometime next year. Registration for regionals will open in Dec. 2017, when a full list of formats, rules, and regulations will also be announced.

There have revealed three modes that will be featured in the competition, Speedcubing, Fastest Hand, and Re-Scramble. Speedcubing is the traditional solving and Fastest Hand is solving one-handed. Re-Scramble mode provides competitors with a scrambled and unscrambled cube, and they must match the pattern on of the scrambled cube.

Red Bull is also set to debut a separate Female Speedcubing Track, “for the fastest female cube solvers.”

Red Bull Mind Gamers was launched in the summer of 2016 to bring mind sports the same attention that it has to other sports. It held the world’s first Escape Room Championships in Budapest, India in March 2017.

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