AuroraBound Gets Deluxe Version For Desktops Nov. 2

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Having its debut title hit mobile devices this past May, Final Game Studio is expanding its abstract puzzle game AuroraBound with a deluxe version to desktops, set to arrive on Nov. 2.

One-man game developer and creator of AuroraBound, Daniel O’Byrne, has taken the bulk of the mobile version and brought it to the desktop. O’Byrne has updated the looks of the user interface, so that his game will better suit the desktop environment. The “Deluxe” doesn’t come from the change in menu design though, it’s sporting two new features.

The biggest change is in its financial model, unlike its mobile version that offers hint packs as in-app purchases, AuroraBound Deluxe clues will be unlimited. The trade off will be that it’s going to be a paid title, retailing at $4.99.

Its other feature is a Custom Puzzle generator that O’Byrne included that lets players choose the a puzzle’s difficulty, the ratio of pieces can be moved and rotated, and the color of the tiles. This is a really nice addition as it lets players tailor their solving to whatever time and difficulty they’re able to put into the game at that particular moment.

AuroraBound Deluxe will be available on Windows and macOS through Steam and the Mac App Store.

Disclosure: Puzzle Pile received a free advanced copy of the game.

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