Opus Magnum From Zachtronics Opens To Steam Early Access

Sandbox puzzler by Spacechem creator.
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SpaceChem and Infinifactory developer Zachtronics has forged a reputation for itself as sandbox puzzle game maker and the company is continuing in that tradition with the release Opus Magnum to Steam’s Early Access.

Opus Magnum has players taking on the role of Alchemists creating transmutation engines, to create “vital remedies, precious gemstones, deadly weapons, and more.” Stripping away the theming, these are efficiency puzzles where players build automated machines to complete the challenges.

Zachtronics is saying that the game is in much better shape coming into Steam Early Access than most other titles, which are works in-progress and can come with half-baked with loads of bugs.

“I was actually tempted to skip Early Access for Opus Magnum, as this is by far the most polished game we’ve ever released as an Early Access title,” wrote Zachtronics. “The game features a fully realized story-driven campaign, and includes a puzzle editor, Steam Workshop integration, and localization into six languages from day one of Early Access.”

What the developer is very upfront about is that the game won’t be come loaded with alot of puzzles, but when the final version is ready that will change.

“[We] plan to curate a large set of player-created puzzles in the Journal of Alchemical Engineering, wrote Zachtronics, “an in-game “magazine” similar to SpaceChem’s Journal of Reaction Engineering.”

Opus Magnum is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux for $19.99, and the developer is saying that the price won’t increase when the title transitions from Early Access to the Steam store.

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