Love You To Bits Lands On Android Oct. 19

Still set for Windows & macOS, next year.
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Following an eight-month wait, Alike Studio has put together all of the pieces to bring its puzzle adventure game Love You To Bits to Android devices.

Love You To Bits is set to release Oct. 19 on the Google Play store for $3.99. The Android version comes delivered as the full and final package, including all of the updates and additional levels that iOS players have received over this last year.

The game centers around the heart-warming journey of intergalactic space man Kosmos, as he attempts to reassemble his robotic girlfriend Nova. Players travel to many planets, solving puzzles along the way, as Kosmos collects the scattered pieces of Nova. Each of the planets presents a distinct design and appeal, filled with unique aliens and challenges.

Made up of former members of the 5Ants that made the Tiny Thief, Love You To Bits was made to be the spiritual successor to their successful game. 5Ants was purchased by Angry Birds developer Rovio, who quietly removed Tiny Thief for purchase from all digital outlets in Feb. 2016 without explanation.

Alike Studio has planned to release the puzzle game for Windows and macOS sometime in 2018.

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