Sokobond Creator Looking For Developer To Make Puzzler Mobile

Puzzle creator seeks mobile developer.
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Sokobond creator Alan Hazelden is bringing the Sokoban puzzler with a chemistry twist to mobile platforms, but first he’s got to find a developer.

Hazelden released Sokobond in late Aug. 2013 and had said up front that it would be “a while” before he’d bring the puzzle game to mobile devices.

“[Sokobond] came out for PC 4 years ago,” Hazelden wrote on his blog. “[Since] then I’ve been promising that a mobile port would be coming eventually… The problem is that I’m no longer an enthusiastic programmer and have procrastinated from this work for… well… 4 years.”

The developer believes it’ll take between one and four months of programming to get the job wrapped up. Submissions must be emailed into Hazelden by Sept. 30.

Sokobond was programmed in Adobe’s ActionScript 3 and Hazelden is looking to port the existing code to Haxe because of his concerns over Adobe’s support of AdobeAIR. Haxe offers an open source code and can be run on a wide variety of platforms, letting the code that’s developed be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux with some minor tweaking in the future.

But to be sure, Hazelden is aiming to first bring the puzzler to mobile.

“The main target platforms for this port would be iOS and Android,” wrote the puzzle developer. “[Ideally] the port would be able to replace the Windows/Mac/Linux versions if needed down the line.”

Sokobond is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux for either $9.99 or $10, depending on whether you prefer Steam,, GOG, or Humble.

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