Picross S Joins Nintendo Switch Lineup Sept. 28

Picross e series developer switches consoles.
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Jupiter has been developing Picross e games for 3DS platform over the last several years, now the company is turning its hand to Nintendo’s Switch with the upcoming release of Picross S.

Set for a Sept. 28 release, Picross S will have Picross and Mega Picross modes that deliver 300 puzzles, ranging from 5×5 to 20×15 in size. There will also be a new two player mode that’ll let puzzlers either collaborate or compete on solving any of the Picross challenges. Jupiter has also said that it’s developed a new tutorial to help give send new players out into the puzzle world with a better understanding of how Picross puzzles work.

Puzzles from Picross are Nonograms, a style of logic puzzle that has players fill in cells of the puzzle grid. The twist at the end of each Picross is that the solution is usually a picture made up of the cells, albeit that sometimes that picture might be a little bit of a stretch to its supposed to be representing.

Picross S will be a Nintendo exclusive and be available for download in the eShop for $7.99.

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