New Shadow Of The Colossus Trailer Featuring PS4 Pro

Debuts at Tokyo Game Show 2017.
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Sony released a new trailer for their forthcoming remake of Shadow Of The Colossus, coming fresh from the floor of this year’s Tokyo Game Show that shows off the puzzle platformer’s graphics running on its PlayStation 4 Pro.

Graphics are at the heart of the trailer with the developer putting them on full display. Sony has taken careful aim to show off the game’s landscapes and cinematic portions, putting its best visual foot forward. The trailer captures the desolation and isolation that the Ico trilogy has made into its signature.

The end of the trailer confirms with the 2018 release window that Sony had laid out during a surprise announcement at this year’s E3.

The publisher has been taking every opportunity to stress that the release is going to be a graphic overall or rebuild of the game, and not a remake.

Sony’s Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has said “[Shadow Of The Colossus] is a remake… the game content is the same as the original version but all the assets are being remade.”

Bluepoint is working on rebuilding the puzzle game, which did the development work on the remakes Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus for PlayStation 3, both originally on PlayStation 2. The developer has plenty of additional experience bringing other PS3 titles to the PS4, so the future of Shadow Of The Colossus is in quite experienced and skillful hands.

Shadow Of The Colossus was created by Team Ico in 2005 and is the sequel to the design studio’s classic Ico.

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