David Millar Gives Confirmation Puzzle Advent Calendar In Development

Annual Holiday Event Begins Dec. 1.
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The Griddle puzzle author David Millar announced that he’ll continue his annual holiday event this year with the release of his Puzzle Advent Calendar.

“It’s happening!” wrote Millar. “[Puzzle Advent Calendar] is returning in December 2017 for another season, and it’s [Sudoku] time.”

Millar showed off the calendar’s overall grid structure via social media postings, with it made up of 25 interlocking Sudoku puzzles. Every day of December leading up and including Christmas Day, will feature a new puzzle from the designer that will be added to the grid. As puzzles are released and added to the grid, it develops into a gigantic puzzle whose smaller pieces are needed to solve the whole.

For the puzzle designer, there’s still plenty to do before the event’s December launch as Millar is still in the very early stages of development.

“I just gotta write the dang thing…” wrote Millar.

Puzzle Advent Calendar was created back in 2011, Millar would go on to make it a yearly event ever since.

Disclosure: Millar is a backer of Puzzle Pile via Patreon.

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