The Talos Principle Coming To iOS Later This Year

Philosophical puzzle game heading to App Store.
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Not much has been heard from The Talos Principle since its developer Croteam offhandedly announced a sequel over a year ago, but the design studio has revealed that an iOS version of the original game is in the works.

Details on the release date and pricing haven’t been determined, but the developer’s PR and community manager Daniel Lucic saying that the game will be “coming at some point this year.”

“We always felt that Talos Principle deserves a bigger audience,” Lucic “[A] lot of people nowadays are playing mobile games, so why not go for it? It seemed like a good fit and it worked well.”

Another interesting tidbit is that the puzzle game will be available on devices reaching all the way back to iPhone 5S. The secret sauce behind getting such a graphically intensive game to run on the older phones is Apple’s Metal API.

Apple Metal API

“Metal works great,” continues Lucic. “It really allows [programmers] to use the full power of the phone or iPad to run the game better. It really does work smoothly on each and every device we have tested it on. It goes down to iPhone 5s.”

The Metal API lets developers get almost direct access to the GPU of the device, which improves things like rendering and frame rates. All of that is a fancy way of saying the game is able to look nicer and run faster because if developers use Apple’s Metal, it lets them use more of the phone’s muscle.

The Talos Principle launched in mid-December 2014 on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and over-the-course of the following year would Nvidia’s Android devices and PlayStation 4.

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