PUSH Coming From Designers Of Hook & Zenge, October

Hit puzzle game developers team up.
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Hook and Klocki developer Maciej Targoni has teamed up with Zenge and Art Of Gravity creator Michal Pawlowski to create a new minimalistic puzzler PUSH, due out this October.

The designer duo has made a name for themselves and with them joining forces are looking to capture the same spark they found in their individual puzzle games. So far, they’ve remained vague about the puzzle mechanics used in PUSH, with the only clues seen in the trailer that was released with the game’s announcement.

Based on the puzzler’s title it goes without saying that there’s going to be pushing involved and that’s seen plenty in the trailer. Throughout the video, objects that have quite a few buttons, a majority of them with symbols, are getting pushed. Some of the objects get rotated, but other than those few clues there isn’t much more to go on.

With Pawlowski and Targoni’s past work, it’s undoubted that PUSH has the potential to offer puzzlers high hopes, keeping everyone eagerly waiting until October.

PUSH will pop onto Android and iOS, while also head to Windows, macOS, and Linux via Steam. Pricing and a firm release date hasn’t been revealed.

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