Thimbleweed Park On Cusp Of Mobile Release

Nintendo Switch in Sept.
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Thimbleweed Park will be hitting PlayStation 4 tomorrow, and on the eve of the launch, the puzzle adventure’s co-creator Ron Gilbert has revealed that its mobile release is also on the verge of release.

“For those of you asking about iOS/Android Thimbleweed Park, they are coming soon,” wrote Gilbert. “Real soon. Damn soon. No date until we’re 100% sure.”

Getting this close to the release announcement, what’s most likely causing the delay is that developer Terrible Toybox is waiting for Apple to run through the game and get approval. Doing so lets the developer be careful not to have to issue delays if Apple comes back with changes there has to be made before the puzzle game can be added to the App Store.

An exact date for the release to Nintendo Switch hasn’t been announced, but Gilbert has narrowed the launch date down to sometime this September. Gilbert unconventionally announced Thimbleweed Park would be coming to Nintendo’s mobile/console hybrid via an image of the title running on the device.

Terrible Toybox found Kickstarter success in late Nov. 2014, netting $422,181 from 11,426 backers. The puzzle adventure game would finally come to market with a March 30, 2017 launch.

Thimbleweed Park is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Xbox One.

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