Bring Me Cakes Finds Recipe For Android

HTML5 browser version still on order.
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After arriving a little over two weeks ago on iOS, puzzle game Bring Me Cakes from first-time game developer Alexander Titkov has delivered to Android.

Bring Me Cakes is a sliding puzzle that comes with over 200 puzzles, with puzzles coming from the same family as those found in other titles like the Quell series. Unlike in the classic story of Little Red Riding, players are going to be sliding Red through some crazy places to her to Grandma’s house. Through forests, tundra, and caverns players will go, all the while picking up cakes to bring with her for Grandma to gobble up.

Obstacles lie in the way and slide in the same same direction as Red, challenging players to steer clear of hungry wolves and bears. There’s also ghouls, trolls, and traps to get through, making things much more difficult.

The game comes to Android as a free download, but players are going to need to fork up a little dough to unlock the full game. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $2.99.

Titkov still has plans go get Little Red Riding Hood find her way to her grandmother’s house within browsers for HTML5, no word yet on a release date. To get a sampling of the game, the developer has created a web-based demo to try out.

Bring Me Cakes is available on iOS for $2.99.

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