Layton’s Mystery Journey Discovers 3DS, Oct. 6

Charting to entire 3DS family for U.S. & E.U.
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Nintendo has revealed that Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy will find its way to North America and the E.U. for Nintendo’s 3DS on Oct. 6.

The puzzle game premiered worldwide on mobile July 20 and launched on the 3DS in Japan the following day. Pricing for the mobile app came as a bit of an experiment, offering a lower buy-in than the upcoming 3DS version. The mobile version makes up for the price break through in-app purchases that doesn’t affect the overall game, charging extra for the ability to change the main character Katrielle’s clothes and redesign her office.

Pricing hasn’t been announced but will most likely come in at the same price as previous titles from the Professor Layton series, putting it around $39.99. Layton’s Mystery Journey will be playable on Nintendo’s 3DS hardware family, including the 2DS and the newly released 2DS XL.

Made to be the next game in the Professor Layton mainline series, the game comes packing more puzzles than others from the series. The structure of the game has changed from previous Professor Layton titles, offering smaller adventures that tie together, rather than a single overarching story.

Layton’s Mystery Journey currently available on Android and iOS for $15.99, while those in Japan can pick up the game for ¥4,800.

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