Karma.Incarnation 1 Arrives On iOS, Aug. 24

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Surreal puzzle adventure game Karma.Incarnation 1 will see new life with its release to iOS on Aug. 24, coming from developer AuraLab.

A beloved has been stolen by evil spirits and must be rescued, the only way to do so is to reincarnate into a mighty dragon to defeat them. During the process something went kinda funky, leaving our hero changed into a worm named Pip. Our hero is going to have to inch through some pretty crazy things in order to save his love.

He’ll to have to travel across a really tripped out world, filled with unique characters that are just as psychedelic as the landscapes. All are black blobs with colored lips, but coming with bizarre personalities.

Throughout the game Pip will be solving puzzles and learning from the Karma of his decisions. Choices are offered throughout the game between “good and evil”, letting Pip learn the laws of Karma. These choices do have in-game consequences that affect how the story of the game unfolds.

For those that have found a love for Machinarium, Botanicula, or the Samorost series, this game seems to be stylistically and mechanically up that same alley.

Originally launched for desktops in Oct. 2016, Karma.Incarnation 1 also went onto be published for Android back in May of this year.

Karma.Incarnation 1 will retail for $1.99 when it hits the App Store, and is currently available on Android for $1.99, plus Windows and macOS for $2.99 through Steam.

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