Rusty Lake Paradise Next Premium Title From Escape Cube Developer

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Developer Rusty Lake has announced Rusty Lake Paradise will be its next premium, along with details from the upcoming escape room game.

Word of the game’s title had begun to leak online following Rusty Lake’s appearances at video game conferences, prompting the developer to make an official statement. Rusty Lake took the opportunity to reveal more than just showing off the game’s title, also giving some specifics on the story and gameplay.

Rusty Lake Paradise will be set on a small island in the 18th century that has beset by 10 plagues. The main character’s mother has died due to contracting one of the illnesses and players must set out to stop other family members from falling to the diseases.

“The gameplay of Paradise will be a bit different from our previous work,” writes the developer. “It is set on an island so you can go around the area, a bit similar as Cube Escape: The Mill in which you could navigate between the different floors… We are happy with this improvement because it fits the island theme and it also gives us more gameplay [and] puzzle opportunities.”

Rusty Lake Paradise gameplay.

Rusty Lake Paradise gameplay. Image: Rusty Lake.

The developer has been very upfront about its plans for the Rusty Lake franchise, stating back in January there were plans to bring more premium games to market. Rusty Lake still has one more Cube Escape game to come before putting the free series to bed and moving on to different areas within its Rusty Lake universe.

Internal delays for the next Cube Escape title were announced back in May, with Rusty Lake saying that reason behind the wait was “to give you the best conclusion of the Cube Escape series.”

Work on Rusty Lake Paradise is about “50 [percent]” complete and its release is scheduled for a Q4 2017.

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